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Wordpress vs IndieCreators

IndieCreators is a simple and modern alternative to Wordpress focused on creators like you.

Hi! Looking for a Wordpress alternative? Consider switching to IndieCreators. Check below the differences between Medium and IndieCreators.

IndieCreators Wordpress
Pricing Less than $35 From $35
Email newsletter Yes No. Extra service ($10/year)
SEO Yes No. Extra service ($199/year)
Paid subscription Yes No. Extra service ($199/year)
Publish and manage courses Yes No. Extra service ($149/year)

Why should I use IndieCreators over Wordpress to publish my content?

Wordpress is no doubt a very popular tool used by many people to do lot of things. But if you are a serious and passionate publisher looking to publish your content to the world and build your followers, then you can probably do a lot more better with IndieCreators!

If you want performance, low cost and a better experience publishing content, then IndieCreators might be a good companion to you.
We know how painful it would be to wander endlessly just to create a post.

If you want to know about the complete features available at IndieCreators, check it out here

IndieCreators is being created with only one goal: provide awesome publishing experience to independent creators

Celebrate the creator in you

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