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Medium vs IndieCreators

IndieCreators is a simple and modern alternative to Medium focused on independent creators like you.

Hi! Looking for a Medium alternative? Consider switching to IndieCreators. Check below the differences between Medium and IndieCreators.

IndieCreators Medium
Pricing Less than $35 Free (But has some limitation)
Themes Yes No. Only default theme
Custom domain Yes No. Offers subdomain only
Email newsletter Yes No.
SEO Yes No. Very limited configuration
Paid subscription Yes No. Cannot accept payments
Content ownership Yes. You completely own your content (100%) No. Medium owns your content
Publish and manage courses Yes No

Why should I use IndieCreators over Medium to publish my content?

Medium is a very popular tool used by many people to publish posts and content. But if you are a serious and passionate publisher looking to publish your content to the world and build your followers, then you can probably do a lot more better with IndieCreators!

At Medium, you can't use your own domain and can't control the user experience of you content. Your options are very limited in providing a better experience to your followers.

If you want a better experience publishing content, then IndieCreators might be a good companion to you.
Get to know about the complete features available at IndieCreators here

IndieCreators is being created with only one goal: provide awesome publishing experience to independent creators

Celebrate the creator in you

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