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Introducing IndieCreators 🎉

Simple and modern

alternative to Wordpress

IndieCreators is a modern content publishing platform.
Create and publish beautiful content, attract your audience and make revenue with recurring subscription.

For independent creators like you.

Why IndieCreators?

Why we do, What we do

As an independent creator you can't eat your likes and count on the algorithm to reach your audience. We dream a world every indiecreator makes a sustainable living by doing their creative work.
Follow your passion, create what you love and get powered by your fans.

What can you do with IndieCreators?

Create your unique content

Provide value to your members by creating interesting content. Be it a blog, podcast, video courses or tutorials. Organise your content into category, section or series easily.

Rich and powerful editor with markdown support

Built in SEO

Beautiful themes to showcase your content

Offer exclusive content

Offer premium content to loyal followers for a recurring subscription. You decide which content goes behind a paywall. Get paid directly.

You own your content, not us. 100%

0% fees on your payment. Just pay your preferred payment gateway.

You have full control, from your members to content

Nurture your members

Create your community of loyal followers and engage with them. Create newsletter, send surveys and get to know what's important to them.

Simple member management

Build personalised experience for your members

Rich user analytics


Wordpress is no doubt a very popular tool used by many people to do lot of things. But if you are a serious and passionate publisher looking to publish your content to your world and build your followers and care about experience, then you can probably do a lot more better with IndieCreators!!!

If you want to a detailed comparison between Wordpress and IndieCreators, feel free to check it here

Yes. You can connect your personal domain easily with IndieCreators at no additional charge.

IndieCreators helps you to create and publish blog, podcast, video courses or tutorials. You can organise them into sections, categories or series at ease.

IndieCreators will offer integrations which will allow you to take payments via different methods like Credit card, Debit card etc. You just need to pay the payment processor the transaction fees.

Feel free to reach us at or drop your message here

Celebrate the creator in you

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